Salesforce Launches Sales Performance Accelerator

What is the Sales Performance Accelerator? The Sales Performance Accelerator was launched in July 17, 2013 as a way to grow your pipeline, speed up the time it takes to close a deal and increase win rates by combining, the Sales Cloud and

Accelerate SalesHow can this sales trio "expand the pie?" For existing Leads and Customers, you can increase your visibility into their organization via, providing you with information that even you current Contact may not have at their disposal. can also provide targeted Leads to increase the quality, quantity and focus (e.g., industry, size, location) of the Leads being contacted. Additionally, will allow you to break down a revenue target into smaller steps, i.e., an actionable sales plan, for better tracking of progress via the Sales Cloud, with its continually improving forecasting.

How can this troika fast track the time it takes to close a deal so that you can help your customer faster? provides access to customer contact information for key personnel, i.e., decision maker information, during the sales process so that the right person is in the room to answer the question, "is there budget for this initiative." provides real time coaching and feedback that reps and managers need to stay on target and keep motivated. The Sales Cloud and its simple and yet accessible reporting & dashboards provide what reps and managers both require and want to keep track of their goals and progress.

How do these sales acceleration allies improve win rates? The sales cloud provides a flexible and secure team selling environment and a variety of tools, which provide access whether at the office, at home or on the road. provides multiple methods to recognize and reward sales and sales support team members, triggering positive behavioral changes. helps you keep your contact records up to date so that you are following up with the right individuals as decision makers and influencers move up, over or even out.

Pricing for these licenses are listed as $110 per user per month but are $90 per user per month for the next 90 days (as of press release date of June 17, 2013).

For more information on Salesforce Sales Performance Accelerator, contact your Salesforce Account Executive or visit

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