Leads: Scoring

Creating a Lead scoring system can also help keep the noise down on the Lead side of the fence for Salespeople. A lead score simply evaluates that data you have on a Lead and assign points for certain information. For example, if your company is B2B, knowing that a certain business uses your products or services might add points, or that Lead works for a company that is a member of the Fortune 1000, or that their company is international. You might “enrich” your lead data by bouncing it off third party data sources such as Dunn and Bradstreet or Zoom Info to be better score your leads for sales. Salesforce.com recently acquired a data enrichment company called “Jigsaw” a company that uses “a unique Wikipedia-style crowd-sourcing model…(to deliver) the world’s most complete and accurate business contact data available in the cloud” – stay tuned to see what that means!

When time is money a high Lead score has value in that it tells a salesperson who they need to try to contact first. A lot or Email marketing platforms Eloqua or Marketo for example) can help automate lead scoring by essentially watching for online behavior from your prospects and giving points for activity that hints of sales interest (visiting your pricing page of your website, downloading a white paper, clicking through on an email, etc).

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