Business Process Review and Configuration Tune Up

Already a customer of, but not seeing the business results you’d expected? Self-implemented and not sure you’ve setup the database correctly? Configuration feeling a bit clunky and inefficient? Problems with your initial implementation causing issues downstream with your data? Dashboards not providing you insights and trends about your data?

Perhaps your company needs a business process review to uncover opportunities for improving how you work inside Salesforce along with a "tune-up" to fix issues with your current configuration:

  • Review your Salesforce processes around lead management, sales and support so that they are self-evident and effective
  • Review how your data is structured and provide guidance on reducing duplicate records
  • Tweak your configuration for maximum usability – make it easier to find, add and send information
  • Review your security settings and Role Hierarchy to ensure Users and Managers have access to information they need
  • Inspect to see if users are managing their day and logging activities inside Salesforce
  • Provide additional training to reenergize your users about working in the cloud
  • Provide Best Practices on how to get the most out of your CRM
  • Tips and Tricks on motivating your sales teamĀ and increasing their efficiency
  • Create Reports and Dashboards that track your business metrics and provide insight

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