Salesforce QuickStarts

A Salesforce QuickStart is a limited engagement implementation for companies who want to start working in Salesforce as quickly as possible. It is well suited for a single department or small sales and customer support teams. For those using the Financial Services Cloud (FSC) version of Salesforce, a QuickStart is ideal for independent RIAs or small groups in the financial services industry. ShellBlack offers Salesforce QuickStarts for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud.

Key Benefits of a QuickStart:

  • Up and running in a few short weeks – this is a fast-track deployment of core features
  • Guidance and expertise on how to best leverage Salesforce to support your business processes and avoid costly mistakes
  • Implementation of best practices around usability and data quality
  • Reporting and analytics that provide visibility to your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Customized end-user training with hands-on examples that drive adoption
  • Designed for Professional or Enterprise Edition of Salesforce or FSC

Translate customer data into smart strategies
Using a structured agenda, our consultants will facilitate a requirement gathering session to quickly learn your business. We determine what information needs to be tracked in Salesforce and the processes necessary to capture customer interactions. We then use this data to visualize your success through Salesforce reports and dashboards.

Once we’ve learned your vision and specific requirements, our consultants will begin configuring Salesforce. We’ll sweat the details to make sure that Salesforce is optimized to provide your users the best experience possible. Our goal is to make it quick and easy for your users to enter and update records. If we can reduce frustration and make their job easier, you’ll have adoption and a great return on your CRM investment.

After the configuration is completed, it’s time to go live! Because every business is unique, we will tailor a training presentation that reflects your business processes using screenshots from your configured instance of Salesforce. In end-user training, we’ll cover key concepts and best practices for quickly finding, creating, and updating records. We’ll show your users how Salesforce can make them more productive and successful. Participants will have hands-on exercises to reinforce business processes and drive adoption.

Sales CloudSales Cloud QuickStart:

  • Configuration of Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities
  • Single Lead Qualification Process
  • Single Opportunity Sales Process
  • Up to 20 Custom Fields
  • An Email Communication Template
  • Analytics (6 Custom Reports and 1 Dashboard)
  • Single Hands-On End-User Training Session

Service CloudService Cloud QuickStart:

  • Configuration of Accounts, Contacts, and Cases
  • Single Support Process
  • Single Support Queue
  • Up to 20 Custom Fields
  • An Email Communication Template
  • Analytics (6 Custom Reports and 1 Dashboard)
  • Single Hands-On End-User Training Session

Financial Services CloudFinancial Services Cloud QuickStart:

  • Configuration of Households, Opportunities, and Financial Accounts
  • Single Opportunity Sales Process for onboarding new clients
  • Up to 20 Custom Fields
  • An Email Communication Template
  • Analytics (6 Custom Reports and 1 Dashboard)
  • Single Hands-On End-User Training Session

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Quickstart

Our Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE, formerly Pardot) QuickStart is designed to get your company up and running in a few short weeks (typically 30 – 45 days). Take advantage of key MCAE features such as email templates, landing pages, form submissions, nurture campaigns, lead scoring, and automation rules.

We’re experienced!
ShellBlack has multiple Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Consultants, and we use MCAE internally to manage our own marketing campaigns. Let us bring marketing automation expertise to your organization!

PardotMCAE Quickstart:

  • Integration with Salesforce CRM
  • Technical Setup Guidance
  • Initial Prospect Import
  • Permission Pass
  • Lead Scoring
  • Guidance on how to use MCAE assets to meet your specific marketing requirements
  • Hands-on training during the implementation
  • Configuration of Connected Campaigns and Campaign Engagement Metrics in Salesforce

Get Started Today

The clock is ticking on your annual subscription! Leverage a QuickStart to get your users up and running quickly, drive adoption, and gain insights on your business, all while avoiding costly Salesforce implementation mistakes.