Whether you are implementing Salesforce for a small department or deploying it “wall to wall” across hundreds of employees, our team of certified consultants can help ensure you are maximizing your Salesforce investment. Leverage our experience and best practices aggregated over hundreds of projects implementing Financial Services Cloud (FSC), Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Shield, and Einstein.

Financial Services Cloud iconFinancial Services Cloud (FSC)

ShellBlack has extensive experience implementing solutions for the Financial Services industry. With 75% of our projects in this vertical, we’ve implemented FSC for customers in wealth management, banking, insurance, mortgage, and more. Our team of certified consultants will guide you through your FSC implementation, avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring best practices are enforced. We know each vertical has its own customizations and considerations, and we ensure your business practices are in line with industry standards.

We can connect Financial Services Cloud to your core banking systems, Loan Origination Systems (LOS), as well as your custodians in order to maximize the user experience and power your analytics. Whether you’re tracking Assets Under Management (AUM), loans, policies, or the usage of other financial products, ShellBlack can help you succeed with FSC.

Sales Cloud iconSales Cloud

Sales Cloud is at the core of the Salesforce platform – it’s the original CRM that Salesforce launched back in 1999. Since that time, Sales Cloud has evolved into a powerhouse, rich in features for all aspects of account and lead management. Sales Cloud can be configured to support the use of business development reps (BDRs), inside and outside sales teams, and channel sales. It doesn’t matter if you sell products, professional services, or both – Sales Cloud can handle it.

We’ve enabled Salesforce for a variety of industries and companies of all sizes – from a handful of sales professionals to hundreds of users with complex territories and reporting structures. Let us bring our decades of experience to work on your behalf.

Service Cloud iconService Cloud

Customer service functions are powered by the Service Cloud from Salesforce. No matter the channel your customer chooses to engage you – your website, live chat, email, or phone – Service Cloud can route that inquiry to the right agent and initiate your support processes. Leverage analytics to see if you’re hitting your Service Level Agreements (SLAs), monitor agent production, and discover trends with customer behavior.

From simple case management to more complex integrations such as omni-channel routing or CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), we understand the nuances of the Service Cloud and will work to ensure your support teams have the information and processes they need to efficiently manage your customer’s support requests.

Experience Cloud iconExperience Cloud

With a community, you can allow your customers to interact with each other, initiate a return, ask questions, or find information on their own. Whether you are implementing a simple customer knowledge base, self-service portal, or community forum, or you need a more complex partner community, we’ve got you covered.

We understand the different types of communities offered by Salesforce, and will help guide you through a thorough discovery process to ensure the right templates and features are enabled for you. Discover how the ShellBlack team can help you get your community up and running today.

Shield iconShield

Shield offers an additional layer of protection for your data using three products – Event Monitoring, Platform Encryption, and Field Audit Trail. Our consultants can help ensure that these are implemented correctly for compliance and security requirements within your organization.

Einstein iconEinstein

Einstein is Salesforce’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) offering. It takes your data and makes it more actionable and powerful by making predictions and recommendations using machine learning. There is an entire suite of products to choose from, such as Einstein Analytics and Einstein Activity Capture. Our consultants can help guide you through configuring and using many of the Einstein offerings from Salesforce.


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