What are Accelerators?

Accelerators are highly targeted solutions created by ShellBlack specifically for Financial Services clients. We’ve drawn upon the knowledge and skills gained during our many implementations to help clients address common use cases with packages that are easy to deploy and configure. By leveraging a ShellBlack Accelerator, clients not only realize more business value and utility from their Salesforce investment — they also benefit from reduced development time and costs.

These road-tested solutions are designed to enhance the end-user experience — whether by reducing clicks to increase efficiency, providing custom visualizations that highlight exceptions and make information actionable, or facilitating data integrations that provide users a single pane of glass to understand and manage their customer relationships.

Key benefits:

  • Saves time and increases adoption
  • Keeps development costs low
  • Solves common industry challenges

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Household Relationship Manager


Created specifically for our Wealth Clients, the Household Relationship Accelerator simplifies data entry by allowing advisors to quickly create new records and household relationships with the click of a button. Fields mapped between the individual and the household stay in sync with each other, and we make it easy to select what information should be synced.


Save time and increase adoption — Simplify data entry, quickly creating new records and household relationships with
the click of a button. Your advisors and back office team will love it!

Maintain data integrity — Keep records in sync, ensuring quality for reporting while reducing data-entry errors (and missing information!).

Customize the experience — Map the fields that should stay in sync between the individual and the household.


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Household Activity Aggregator


This accelerator was created specifically for Financial Services clients who need a holistic view of all activities related to a household, regardless of where the activities live in Salesforce or which users within the household hierarchy are associated with the activities. This accelerator is a must for users who migrated to Salesforce from Redtail or Junxure!

Image of Household Activity Aggregator


Single View — users no longer need to search through various Salesforce objects to see prior interactions or touch points for all household members, regardless of activity owner.

Client Oversight — ensures that consistent messaging is firm-wide, and unauthorized communication is not occurring.

Consistent Touch Points — provides the complete picture of all touch points to ensure that service levels are being met.

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