Keep it personal — and keep things moving
Lending is a diverse segment that includes commercial and consumer lending, mortgage products, equipment financing, leasing, and even factoring. No matter the segment, lenders share common goals: enhancing operational efficiency while delivering a high level of personalized attention and responsiveness to customers.

Work swiftly to source, manage, and close loans
When people and companies are looking for money, speed drives closing rates. The first lender that can get the prospect to finish the application process and into underwriting usually wins. ShellBlack can help you cross the finish line sooner.

If you have an existing database of leads, you have a powerful avenue for pursuing new opportunities — but only if you have the ability to work those leads efficiently and systematically. ShellBlack can help you leverage outbound dialing campaigns and computer telephony integration (CTI) to make it simple. Alternatively, if you have heavy inbound traffic due to your own marketing efforts, lead aggregators, or other data providers, lead assignment rules can help you route the inquiry to the first available agent or to the loan officer with the right licensing and expertise. And even if your prospects come solely from referrals, we can help you streamline the process.

Rethink your underwriting and funding process
What criteria will determine whether you make the loan? And if you do, for what amount? And with what product? Salesforce can quickly capture the information needed to select the right financial product, qualify the loan, and move it forward into underwriting.

You can also leverage knock-out questions or other criteria to disposition new leads methodically, or use third-party data providers to enrich the record and dial in a risk score. Does your client need more time to work on their credit score or their debt-to-income ratio? Put them in a nurture campaign to keep your brand top of mind and set an automated reminder to follow up. You can also use Salesforce to:

  • Track documents submitted to underwriting and identify those that are still outstanding
  • Leverage approval processes to drive compliance
  • Create a “big deal committee” for large capital loan review
  • Manage master leases or draws on a line of credit
  • Syndicate your loan to other banks or financial institutions for funding

Integrate with loan origination and administration systems
It’s not uncommon for information to be shared between Salesforce and a loan origination system (LOS) or lease administration system such as Encompass, Byte, or InfoLease. Sales needs visibility to their loan pipeline to know if deals are stalled or moving forward. Updating loan statuses in Salesforce through integrations reduces data entry time for loan officers and can trigger real-time updates to your customers — allowing your team to manage more opportunities and generate more loan revenue.

Attract and retain business with marketing automation
Marketing automation can serve many functions for lenders. It can help generate new leads, expand relationships with existing customers, and for those in the underwriting process, it can guide your customer by providing visibility every step of the way. It can even help with collections! And don’t forget about retention —you’ve worked hard for that loan; marketing automation can deliver multichannel, perfectly timed, individually tailored messaging designed to meet your client’s needs and deliver a strong return on investment.

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