Pardot QuickStart

Tired of manually managing your marketing lists and "opt-outs" outside of Salesforce? Struggling to know which leads are more engaged and ready to buy? If you are new to Pardot and don’t know where to start, we can help take your marketing campaigns to the next level using the marketing automation tools available within Pardot. Create dynamic marketing lists in Pardot based on your Salesforce data, and provide visibility to your salespeople on how prospects are interacting with marketing initiatives.

Key Benefits:

  • Our Pardot QuickStart is designed to get your company up and running in a few short weeks (typically 30 – 45 days)
  • Take advantage of key Pardot features such as email templates, landing pages, form submissions, nurture campaigns, lead scoring and automation rules.
  • We’re experienced! has multiple Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultants, and we use Pardot internally to manage our marketing campaigns

What’s included:

The Pardot QuickStart implementation package contains the following services and configuration:

Integration with Salesforce CRM

  • Install the Pardot Connector Package
  • Modify the Lead and Contact Pages
  • Map Salesforce Custom Fields to Pardot Custom Fields
  • Map Lead fields to Contact fields

Technical Setup Guidance*

  • Assist in the implementation of Website Tracking Code to Log Visitor Activity
  • Assist in creating a Vanity Tracker Domain (CNAME) for Branded Pardot Hosted Links
  • Assist with Email Authentication

Initial Prospect Import

Permission Pass

  • Assist in setting up a process to ensure you are in compliance with Pardot’s permission based marketing policy
  • This can include creation of the following Pardot marketing assets:
    • 1 Engagement Studio campaign
    • 1 email template
    • 1 confirmation landing page

Guidance on how to use Pardot assets to meet your specific marketing requirements

Quickstart Total Price: $6,000 (30 hours @ $200 / hr)

Additional Add-Ons:

ShellBlack can also assist you with creating additional Pardot items on a per asset basis:

  • Additional Emails and Landing Pages
  • Forms/Form Handlers
  • Automation Rules
  • Content (e.g. dynamic content, custom redirects, files)

The clock is ticking on your Pardot subscription. Take advantage of key marketing automation features in 30 days or less. Contact us to get started!

New to Salesforce? Check out our Salesforce QuickStart Package

* will not be making updates to the Client’s website and therefore the Client will need to have their webmaster assist with the technical configuration and setup (e.g. add the tracking code for tracking website visitors, creation of vanity domain CNAME, etc.).¬†Creative, content and branding will be the responsibility of the Client (i.e. is not a creative agency).

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