Services offers the following consulting and professional services to drive your continued success and growth on the Salesforce platform:

CRM Evaluation

Trying to understand the differences between Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud? Don’t know which Salesforce product is best for your company? Wondering if your business processes are a good fit for Need help understanding how your employees will work with Salesforce CRM before you buy?

Salesforce Implementation

You’ve made the decision to become a customer – but how do you get started? Who should be involved, how long will it take, and what do you do first? Take a deep breath – migration to the cloud does not have to be a stressful experience. We’ll guide you on how to avoid the traps and pitfalls of failed CRM implementations.

Data Migrations

Moving from a legacy CRM system like ACT!, GoldMine, Advent, Junxure, SalesLogix, Sage CRM, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Don’t fret. It’s a process we’re familiar with and it accompanies most implementation projects. We have a established methodology to ensure your historical customer and company records are migrated correctly.

Salesforce Org Migrations

Perhaps your company has had an acquisition of a company that uses Salesforce and now your faced with the daunting task of how to bring the two databases together. Careful planning and coordination are essential to successfully merge two (or more) instances of

QuickStart Package for Professional Edition

Perfect for small businesses that would like their sales team up and running in a matter of weeks. This fixed fee engagement targets configuring to support your sales process, while optimizing for usability and data quality. A QuickStart Implementation includes an end-user training session focused on CRM best practices, with hands-on exercises on how to quickly find, create and update records in Salesforce.

Non-Profit and Higher Education Services 

Non-Profits and Higher Education face different challenges getting their implementation of Salesforce up and running. Many non-profits have only a part-time administrator and need help with all aspects of Salesforce. We have experienced staff, knowledgeable about the business processes of non-profits to guide you through the technical aspects of configuring Salesforce, migrating your data and even providing part time staff to administer Salesforce.

Business Process Review and Configuration Tune-up

Already a customer of, but not seeing the synergy you had expected? Self-implemented and not sure you’ve structured everything correctly? Initial implementation falling down around you? Having difficulty keeping Users working inside the system? Dashboards not providing you the value you expected? Conduct a review of your business processes in Salesforce and fix your configuration issues. 

On-Demand Administrator Support

Is your System Administrator on vacation and you need to make an update to your Salesforce configuration? Not sure of the business impact of updating your settings in Salesforce? Need a block of time with a Salesforce guru but want to "pay as you go" at an hourly rate?

Salesforce Training Services

Looking for one of the best Salesforce training instructors in Dallas Texas?  Strong CRM adoption begins with an elegant design and continues to grow with great end-user training. Being a web-based platform you’d expect Salesforce to be designed with usability in mind, but you’d be making a big mistake if you think users will adopt the cloud without being trained.

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