You’ve made the decision to become a Salesforce customer – but how do you get started? Who should be involved, how long will it take, and what do you do first? Take a deep breath – we’ll guide you on how to avoid the traps and pitfalls of failed CRM implementations.

Our Process:

ShellBlack 2018 Implementation Process


The purpose of the kickoff is to establish the Project Team and review the implementation process. This ensures we have executive sponsorship in place for decision-making, as well as the right functional representation in the room to provide solid system requirements.  At the kickoff we’ll review the scope and phases of the project so the team understands the deployment roadmap.

Discovery Sessions & Weekly Configuration Sprints

As part of our implementation methodology, we’ll establish a series of weekly discovery and configuration review meetings. The objective of these sessions is to convey the client’s business processes and requirements so that they may be incorporated as system functionality in We’ll use these sessions to gather key success metrics and details needed to complete the configuration. During these meetings, as needed, we’ll demonstrate to the client the functionality of work performed to date and gather feedback in order to make any necessary corrections prior to importing data, configuring analytics or creating end-user training materials.

Data Import

Once the configuration phase of the project has been completed, if requested we’ll import the client’s legacy data into Depending on the complexity of the data migration, this can be a separate work stream from the configuration.

Analytics (Reports & Dashboards)

Based on direction from the client, we’ll leverage’s analytics (Reports and Dashboards) to track key business metrics. As defined by the project’s scope, we’ll create a starter set of reports and dashboards for both end-users and management.

Development and Delivery of End User Training

If included in the project’s scope, we’ll create training materials in Microsoft PowerPoint that will be a combination of demonstration and hands-on exercises. In instructor-led sessions, we’ll lay down the foundations of how to search and navigate within Salesforce and convey best practices for entering and maintaining records. Users will practice "day in the life" hands-on exercises to reinforce concepts needed to succeed with and drive adoption.


Immediately after end-user training, the customer will be "live" on and cut over to working in the new system.

Our approach to ensure your implementation project is a success:

  • Get the right players on the team that can communicate how your business markets, sells and supports your customers
  • Leverage best practices on how to get the most from your CRM investment
  • Learn your business – that’s how we gather configuration requirements
  • Understand the data model- what are the relationships and where does the information reside
  • Assess which business processes should migrate to the cloud first to give your organization maximum ROI
  • Architect simple, elegant solutions that lay a foundation for future growth
  • Configure with the User in mind – make information easy to find, add, and send – with less clicks
  • Don’t hold the client hostage with custom code – exhaust native functionality first
  • Create Analytics (Reports and Dashboards) that provide insight and action – whether a daily pulse or seasonal trends
  • Provide training that plants the seeds of user adoption – if not evangelism!
  • Be the customer’s trusted guide to the Salesforce cloud through honest and open communication

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