What Does Salesforce Mean By "Enterprise Analytics?"

Enterprise Analytics Features PE EEWhen you look at the comparison chart for the different editions available for the Sales Cloud, you see an interesting set of features called “Enterprise Analytics” which lists the following:

  • Enterprise Reporting
  • What-if Modeling
  • Advanced Filters

What the heck does that mean?

This all goes back to the Spring ’12 release of Salesforce which included a huge analytics update (and the analytics product group has been on a quite a roll ever since IMO). If you are using Enterprise Edition or higher, there are quite a few analytics features available to you as an administrator that are not available in Professional Edition or below:

  • Joined Reports
  • Bucket Fields
  • Cross Filters
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Scheduled Dashboards

So back to our original question – what does Salesforce mean by “Enterprise Analytics?” Here is the translation from Salesforce marketing description to the actual feature in Salesforce:

  • Enterprise Reporting = Joined Reports
  • What-if Modeling = Bucket Fields (a bit of a stretch?)
  • Advanced Filters = Cross Filters

Enterprise Reporting: “Companies will be able to look across multiple pieces of their business.” Joined Reports allow you to mash-up two distinct report types that the Salesforce data model would not allow you to put in a single report prior to the Spring ’12 release. For example you can write a report to show Accounts with open Opportunities (Report Type 1) that also have a Case open (Report Type 2).

Joined Report

What-if Modeling: “Companies will have the ability to categorize any aspect of their business.” Bucketing let you segment data into buckets or categories (e.g. group a bunch of Accounts by their Billing State into “East / Central / West”, or Opportunities by the Amount field into “Small / Medium / Large” deals). Before Bucket Fields were available, Administrators had to create a custom formula field that would do the categorization.

Bucket Fields Example

Advanced Filters: “Companies will be able to cross filter and manipulate report and analytics data based on any object.” Cross Filters lets you write a report that includes or excludes data based on a “WITH” or “WITHOUT” filter (e.g. show me Opportunities without Contact Roles, or Opportunities without Products).

Cross Filters

There you go, the mystery of “Enterprise Analytics” explained!

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