Dallas Salesforce User Group

The Dallas Salesforce User’s Group is a fairly active monthly meeting. Time is dedicated to news, new features, guest speakers, and "Admins helping Admins." "Admins helping Admins" is an open and informal forum where people ask the group Salesforce.com questions from the simple to the complex. The questions cover the gamut of configuration, to integration and vendor recommendations. Lately there has been non-sales representation from Salesforce.com in support of the User Group.

Shell Black and Matt Lamb Present Salesforce Usability

Shell Black and Matt Lamb Present on Configuring Salesforce for Usability

The Dallas User’s Group can be reached through the following channels:

Dallas Salesforce Developer User Group

Can be found on:

That same group has a study group for those interested in prepping for the Dev 401 certification exam.

Dallas Salesforce Non-Profit User Group

Can be found on:

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