MVP Summit 2013 August 29th San Francisco

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It’s official. Hordes of Salesforce MVPs are converging on San Francisco at the end of August 2013 to participate in the very first MVP Summit. This event was put together by our very own Erica Kuhl and Matt Brown (affectionately referred to by the MVPs as our "Den Mom & Dad").

MVP Summit Organizets Erica Kuhl and Matt Brown

The MVP summit is going to be an incredible opportunity for the MVPs to interact with some of the executive team and product managers at Salesforce. This year’s themes are going to be Trust, Support, Products, and Events, with Peter Coffee moderating Q&A after each presentation – how cool is that!

Details of when and where are a bit of a secret, but I’ll be sure to do a follow up post with some highlights (of course MVPs are under NDAs so don’t expect anything juicy).

Following the summit there will be a "Career Fireside Chat" that was coordinated by Mary Pustejovsky (Heller Consulting) and Deepa Patel (Halak Consulting). The panelists will be:

  • Shell Black (, LLC)
  • Kyla Longe (LongeView Consulting)
  • Brad Gross (Information Logistics)
  • Rhonda Ross (Appirio)

Below is a video of why we’re excited about attending the MVP Summit!

View this video on YouTube:

Transcription of the video:

So why am I excited about the MVP Summit? I think I’m excited about the MVP summit because it’s a unique opportunity to listen and participate in a conversation about the Salesforce platform. As far as I know we haven’t had a full day conference to get together some of the sales leadership, product mangers and really the platform evangelists at Salesforce along with the MVPs.

And I hope that Salesforce is just as excited about having the MVPs there as well. We’re probably the most rabid brand evangelists out there, we’re a vocal group – we’re hardcore Salesforce super fans.

I think we bring a unique perspective to the platform. We’re working with customers everyday, sometimes we are the customer, and we’re trying to make the platform do things that I think Salesforce never intended it to do. A lot of times we break it, and we learn from it, but that learning really just fuels our passion for the platform.

So that’s probably why I’m most excited about the MVP summit, is getting that passion in the room – both from a Salesforce perspective and from the MVPs.

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