End User

Your Users want to know – "What’s in it for me (WIFM)?" Simply put, you need to show your Users that they can accomplish more working in Salesforce. We offer live hands-on training sessions onsite at your location, or employee training delivered remotely over the internet.

The recipe for great Salesforce end user training:

  • Connect with your audience by conducting training in a "Day in the life" format
  • Each group or department needs tailored training – what’s important to marketing may not be relevant to support!
  • Training should be interactive and hands-on with exercises that are relevant to their roles
  • Provide tips, tips and techniques that save them time entering and searching for data
  • Show Users how they can manage their business processes from start to finish in the cloud
  • Learn how to create a history of interaction with your customers using activities and emails
  • Explain to Users how to manage their day from the Home Tab and find data quickly using Views and analytics
  • Demonstrate that they can still use familiar tools like Outlook and stay synced to Salesforce

Other Salesforce Training Services

See our 2015 Dreamforce Presentation on SlideShare: Strategies for Training End Users

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