Sample Test Questions: Consultant

The following questions are representative of those on the Certified Consultant exam. These questions are not designed to test your readiness to successfully complete the certification exam, but should be used to become familiar with the types of questions on the exam. The actual exam questions may be more or less difficult than this set of questions.

NOTE: The questions below are from an old Study Guide that was published by Salesforce on their website but is no longer available as THIS CERTIFICATION HAS BEEN RETIRED. It has now been replaced by the Sales Cloud Consultant and Service Cloud Consultant certifications.

1. You have completed the configuration of Salesforce CRM for your client. You have a data set that is clean and ready to be migrated into Salesforce CRM. W hat should you do prior to loading this data set?

  • A. Deactivate users
  • B. Suspend workflow rules
  • C. Set up delegated administrators
  • D. Install a connector for Microsoft Office

2. A prospective customer completed a Web-to-lead form on your corporate Web site. Upon follow up with a sales representative, the customer indicated he intends to buy your product. I n the Salesforce CRM application, what is the process for moving a prospect to a customer?

  • A. Prospect validation
  • B. Account setup
  • C. Lead conversion
  • D. Contact management

3. A customer has a requirement to keep the customer id synchronized real time in the existing backoffice (SAP R/3) system updated in Salesforce CRM. Which options are viable considerations?

( Choose three answers.)

  • A. Import wizard
  • B. Native connector to SAP R/3
  • C. Desktop connectors
  • D. Middleware connectors
  • E. Data validation rules
  • F. Developer toolkits

4. Who would most likely be involved in deciding Customer Service & Support organization key performance indicator (KPI) reporting requirements?

  • A. Salesforce CRM administrator
  • B. Customer service agent
  • C. Customer service manager
  • D. Knowledge manager

5. Universal Containers needs the ability to associate installed products at an account to specific cases. Those installed products contain information on the account’s contracted Service Level Agreement (SLA) as well as the installed product serial number. Which approach should Universal Containers consider implementing to best satisfy these requirements?

  • A. Create a lookup object to the contract record
  • B. Create a lookup to a custom object for the installed product
  • C. Use the standard Asset relationship
  • D. Use the standard Opportunity relationship

Answers to the Salesforce Consultant exam above

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