Marc Benioff’s "Cloud Walker" Shoes at Dreamforce 13

At Dreamforce ’13 Marc Benioff took to the stage with some amazing flashy sneakers. The red soles were a clue that he was wearing Christian Louboutin shoes once again.

Benioff Dreamforce 13 Red Soles Red Soles On Stage Benioff Dreamforce 13

In fact, Marc let the cat out of the bag with this Tweet:

Marc Benioff Tweet Cloud Walkers

So let’s take a look at Marc Benioff ‘s "Cloud Walker" shoes in action during his keynote address at Dreamforce 13.

Marc Benioff onstage at Dreamforce ’13 addressing the crowd and with Parker Harris:

Benioff-Onstage-with-Cloud-Shoes-Dreamforce-13 Benioff Dreamforce 13 Red Soles

Security was tough this year, but I managed to get some closeups of Marc’s shoes.

Benioff Cloud Shoes Up Close Dreamforce 13

Looking at the shoes from the front you do get a bit of the red ruby slipper effect with the silver sequin.

Close Up of front Benioff Cloud Shoes DF13

Ruby Red Benioff Shoes Front Close Up Dreamforce

Inside Side of Marc Benioff's Dreamforce Shoes

Side Profile Mac Benioff Cloud Shoes Dreamforce 13

The outside sides definitely mimicked the Salesforce blue cloud logo.

For those that missed last year, this blog post covers Marc Benioff’s shoes from Dreamforce 12. Yes, I took all the pictures while attending the keynote presentation at Dreamforce 13 (you get good seating as a MVP!).

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