Sample Test Questions: Advanced Developer

The following questions are representative of those on the Certified Advanced Developer exam. These questions are not designed to test your readiness to successfully complete the certification exam, but should be used to become familiar with the types of questions on the exam. The actual exam questions may be more or less difficult than this set of questions. The questions below are from the Certified Advanced Developer Study Guide.

1. A customer wants to add a custom validation process to the contact save process. Before a contact is created, the customer wants to include validation, which checks if the associated account is active. This validation should be active for all UI as well as integration requests. Which design accomplishes this goal?

  • A. A custom Web service
  • B. A before insert trigger
  • C. A custom Visualforce controller
  • D. A client-side S-control

2. How could the use of Lists, Sets, or Maps help avoid governor limit exceptions in the following code?

(Choose two answers.)

Advanced Developer Question 2

  • A. Reduce the number of SOQL queries executed
  • B. Reduce the total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries
  • C. Reduce the number of DML statements
  • D. Reduce the number of records processed as a result of DML statements

3. Given the following Visualforce page markup and assuming the controller and each extension include an action method named “go,” which class method will be invoked when the user clicks on the commandButton?

Advanced Developer Question 3 Apex Code

  • A. theController
  • B . ext1
  • C. ext2
  • D. ext3

4. Which statement is true about automated testing of custom controllers for Visualforce pages?

  • A. Unlike other Apex tests, Visualforce tests must be executed in the browser.
  • B. Calling Test.startTest() after setting a page fixture invokes a controller action specified in the page’s action attribute.
  • C. Form submission in a Visualforce page using a custom controller can be simulated in an Apex test class.
  • D. Expected navigation can only be asserted in an Apex test when the resulting page is a Visualforce page.

5. A Visualforce page has a command button that directly calls the doSomething() method shown below, where the MyCustomException is a class that extends the System.Exception class.

Advanced Developer - Question 5

Where would the exception be displayed to the user?

  • A. In a <apex:messages> component, provided one is included on the page
  • B. Unhanded exceptions are only recorded in the debug log
  • C. At the top of the Visualforce page
  • D. On a separate page displaying the exception

Answers to this Advanced Developer exam

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